Caesar Project Cover.png

Living Sculpture


In this project, I am replicating the Chiaramonti Caesar Bust as a virtual 3D model, and adding animated expressions for a viewer to interact with while viewed in the Oculus Rift. The exploration is meant to explore questions regarding art-viewing experiences, personalized engagement, and the many related contexts that one piece can possess. I chose this piece because little is known about the making of and the intentions behind it. In the sculpture itself, Caesar lacks expression. I explored how I could add extra meaning to a “simple” work of art using motion. 

Sculpted in Zbrush / Animated in Maya / Viewed in Unity 

Digitally sculpted Caesar in original form and in expression of pain inspired by the well known story of his assassination


Below is a screen recording of the animated sculpture viewed in the Oculus Rift in Unity. 


Reference images were gathered to use as orthographics in Zbrush. Note the ideal nature of Caesar's face using horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree angles.